Creating and accessing a far-reaching, diversified and passionate network

Our team of international mid-to-top managers and entrepreneurs is passionate about investing, networking and brings together decades of experience in innovation and new technologies.

They will make the investment decision and put their expertise, competence and network at the service of the value creation process, once gained control of the target company.

Simone Bocchi

Head of Strategic Planning and  Business Intelligence at Bridgestone  EMEA (Brussels)

Previous Experience:

  • Project Manager at Porsche Consulting 
  • Senior Consultant at Booz&Company
  • Business Analyst at Accenture
  • Business Development Analyst at Italian Chamber of Commerce

Luca Rabbeni

Head of Operations Governance at Octo Telematics SpA (Rome)

Previous Experience

  • IT Service Assurance Manager at Telecom Italia
  • Project Manager at BLU SpA
  • Project Manager and System Administrator at Telesoft Spa

Francesco Rubinacci

Company Procurement Director at Loro  Piana (Milan)

Current and previous experience:

  • President at Eligo Milano
  • Head of Group Planning and Control/CIO at ILVA S.p.A.
  • Group Procurement Director at Indesit
  • Manager at Accenture
  • Professor at Università Federico II
  • SAP Consultant at I.T.S.

Vincenzo D'Ottavi

Manager Data Management at Philip Morris International (Lausanne)

Previous Experience:

  • Controller at Itertaba
  • Manager Finance at Consip Spa
  • Senior Auditor at EY
  • Accountant at Yves Saint Laurent

Stephan Noppes

Director Global Audits PMI at Philip  Morris International (Lausanne)

Previous Experience:

  • Director Internal Controls at PMFTC
  • Compliance Manager at PM Group
  • Manager Business Planning at PM Italia
  • Manager Costing at PM Italia

Miguel Dupret

Principal Program Manager at Zalando

Previous Experience:

  • Director at MPD Partners
  • Member of the Board of Directors at Sentient Blue Srl
  • Manager at SynGroup
  • Program Management Consultant Airbus and Analysis Engineer at FACC
  • General Manager Assistant at Intra Lda


Federico Simonelli

Chief Stress Engineer at FACC AG  (Austria)

Previous Experience:

  • Senior Analysis Engineer at FACC AG (Austria)
  • Structural Stress Analyst at Lockheed Martin (USA)
  • Structural Stress Analyst at Piaggio Aero (Italy) 

Andrea Marazzi

Management Consultant & M&A Advisor (Bologna)

Previous Experience:

  • Corporate General Manager/CEO at Maccaferri
  • General Manager at Manifatture Sigaro Toscano
  • M&A/Head of Trade at British American Tobacco
  • Logistics Manager at Philip Morris
  • Consultant at Andersen Consulting

Francesco Simonetti

Business Advisor at SAS Institute (Milan) 

Previous Experience:

  • Business Manager at Altran

Daniela Terziotti

Business Development and Marketing Manager at Orvem SpA (Milan)

Previous Experience: 

  • External collaborator at iStarter

Roberto Terziotti

Managing Director at Orvem SpA (Milan)

Alexandro Sances

Technical Assistant and Coordinator of activities at Dipartimento per la Trasformazione Digitale

Previous Experience:

  • Director Global Operations at Trak Global Group
  • Head of UK Operations at Octo Telematics
  • Start-ups’ and SME’s Advisor
  • IT Architect & Governance at Wind Telecomunicazioni
  • Configuration Manager at BLU
  • Spacecraft Operations Manager at Telespazio

Michele Martino

Project Engineer – PhD at CERN  (Geneva)

Previous Experience:

  • R&D Engineer at University of Naples “Federico II” – CERN
  • Test Engineer at University of Naples “Federico II” – CERN
  • Electronics Engineer – Fellow at INFN – Roma I
  • Control Engineer at Elasis (Fiat R&D) – Vehicle Dynamic Control Group
  • Electronics Engineer at Università degli Studi della Basilicata

Martin Sengel

Head of IT Group at SOLEVO Group  (Basel)

Previous Experience:

  • Head of IT and Logistics at Kleiderbauer
  • Project Manager at Syngroup
  • Project Manager at IniSys


Managing Director at Elixir Consulting CH (Geneva)

Previous Experience:

  • Lecturer in Design Thinking at the University of Applied Sciences in Geneva
  • Senior Manager at PayPal
  • Consultant at Bain & Company

Fabrizio Colzani

Group SBD, e-commerce, Travel mkt, Food Service controller at Ferrero

Previous Experience:

  • Finance Senior Project Manager at Ferrero
  • CFO at Ferrero Benelux
  • CFO for Rebook brand at Adidas Group Italia
  • SAP Consultant at Accenture

Lucio De Costanzo

Vice President Finance & Operations at Clarity AI (London)

Previous Experience:

  • COO & CFO at Caeli Nova
  • Vice President, EMEA Technology IB at Morgan Stanley
  • Investment Manager, Infrastructure Fund at The Abraaj Group
  • Associate, M&A at Bank of America Merrill Lynch 
  • Analyst at Credit Suisse

Livio Vanghetti

Vice President Global Partnership at Philip Morris International (Lausanne)

Previous Experience:

  • Vice President Global Partnership at PM
  • Vice President Corporate Affairs Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Duty Free at PM
  • Vice president Corporate Affairs European Union at PM
  • General Manager Slovakia at PM
  • Director Sales & Distribution at PM

Marco Amendolagine

Global Director of Connected Claims, Director of Product Italy at IMS (Rome)

Previous Experience:

  • Director Product Development at Octo Telematics
  • Global Head of Service Delivery & Quality Assurance at Octo Telematics
  • Head of Telematics Service Development (R&D) at Octo Telematics
  • Head of Service Delivery at Octo Telematics
  • Marketing and Operations Manager at Octo Telematics

Massimo Bordin

Procurement Director at Filene S.p.A.

Previous Experience:

  • Consumer Service Director, Area South (Italy, France, Iberia, MEA) at Whirpool EMEA
  • Group Sourcing Director, Components at Indesit Company
  • Product Audit Manager and Quality Model Manager at FIAT Auto 
    Product Specialist at CNH Industrial

Antonio Andini

Owner and General Manager at Centro Commercial la Maschera Srl (Naples)

Previous Experience:

  • Director at La Maschera shopping mall
  • Director at Superstore Libertà srl
  • General Director at Superstore Ginestre srl

Fabio Farella

Regional Cargo Manager EMEIA at IRA Airways (Rome)

Previous Experience:

  • Head of Credit Management and Head of Finance Outstation at Alitalia Società Aerea Italiana S.p.A.
  • Manager General Ledger and Treasury Process at Alitalia Società Aerea Italiana S.p.A.
  • Accounting Analyst, Treasury Dpt at Europcar

Francesco Tomasoni

Executive Partner at Notercom – Halles (Brescia)

Current and previous experience:

  • Member of Digital SME AI of European Commission
  • Professor at SAA Business School Università di Torino
  • Products Innovation & Big Data Europe and US Market at Octo Telematics
  • Manager at Ernst&Young and NTT-Data for EU Finance & Insurance markets

Adriano Scardellato

CEO at Elda Ingegneria (Treviso)

Current and previous experience:

  • President at Divitech
  • President at Targa Telematics

Enrico Proietti

General Manager at QdV S.r.l. (Milan)

Previous Experience:

  •  CFO at Umbra Group
  •  Head of Accounting and Management Control at Sommer Spa
  • Controller at Italiesiel Spa

Marco Cordignano

Senior Manager Consultant & Trainer Freelance (Milan)

Previous Experience:

  • Senior Management Consultant and Trainer at Value Performance
  • Management Consultant and Trainer at Cegos Italia
  • Project Manager, Cost Engineer, Supply Manager at Procter & Gamble

Giorgio Saverio Casalino

General Manager at DEKRA

Previous Experience:

  • Sales & Marketing Director at Survitec Group
  • National Sales Manager at Kia Motors
  • Rental & Remarketing Manager at General Motors

Andreas Varnholt

Senior Manager at Kerkhoff Consulting GmbH

Previous Experience:

  • Head of Strategic Purchasing at Siemens AG
  • Global Division Commodity Manager for AI/Cu Parts & Fasteners at Siemens AG
  • Head of Supply Chain Management at Siemens AG Power Generation

Diego Tomassone

Commercial Director – International at Miller Chemical and Fertilizer, LLC

 Previous Experience:

  • General Manager at Sofbey SA
  • Sales Manager at Sipcam-Oxon
  • Sales Manager Africa at Isagro SpA
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