Investment opportunities, for open-minded investors, based on an innovative and collaborative governance model

MPD Partners, as the operator of the initiative, perform a detailed and investment-driven screening activity, submitting the potential cases to five members of the investment committee that will have the opportunity to approve technology development and SME investment.

The opportunities are carefully scrutinised by the MSCO Advisory Board. Positive feedbacks will then lead the investment opportunities to the active investors that participate providing feedbacks, based on their different professional backgrounds and will decide, during the shareholders’ meeting, if investing in the investment proposed.

After this one last approval, due diligence is performed and MPD Partners negotiates with the targeted SME. Once the common agreement is reached, MPD Partners executes the investment and integrates the latter’s organization as manager, dealing with strategic issues and investor relations, supporting the expansion of the SME target and increasing its value.

The Management Phase is expected to be approximately 3 years. During the management phase, there will be a monthly report sent to shareholders.

When an exit alternative becomes available (MPD Partners is also specialised in Exit and has easy access to 9K funds), the  shareholders’ meeting will be engaged to approve the suggested exit strategy.

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