MPD Partners disrupt traditional investment management by empowering founders-investors and proactively representing our partners within invested companies

MPD SME Capital One – The SME Private Equity Innovation Gateway

MSCO is an investment initiative based on an innovative governance model. Its leading ambition is to promote the economic development within the SMEs ecosystem by bringing together a vast, varied and passionate network of international and high skilled professionals. The MSCO final goal is to create value by bringing strategical, operational and technological improvements into the SMEs ecosystem.

Key actors


Active Investors from different professional backgrounds and geographies, but with a common ground have happily joined the MPD SME Capital One (MSCO) investment initiative. They are passionate about investing, networking and are willing to join forces to invest in SMEs and bringing forward innovation and new technology.

With respect, each and every one of them has the right to share his or her opinion.

They merge their individual expertise, competences and respective networks at the service of the MSCO initiative in order to make the best investment decisions and support the operations.  While MPD Partners manages all the activities.

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Valuable Investors, from different geographies, have merged their capital with the active investors in the MPD SME Capital One initiative.

They have recognized the above-average capability of the Founders and MPD Partners and have diversified their financial investment strategy including MSCO in their portfolio.

MSCO has allowed them to increase their involvement in the SMEs sector and in a vehicle with an innovative governance model and strong potential.


MPD Partners is a Private Equity Boutique specialized in Advisory for Small and Medium Enterprises with a strong track record and solid skills in pinpointing the right SMEs with unexpressed potential, in gaining control of these and in efficiently processing value improvement.

It has actively on-boarded the founding partners, all active in the governance of MSCO, adding value by bringing in knowledge of different sectors and SMEs. 

The additional value will be also assured by MPD Partners thanks to the partnership with New York State CEO Centerstate, to financially support European SMEs in NY State and by the strategic collaboration with Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars at Syracuse University.

MPD Partners core values are transparency, drive for excellence and integrity. With MSCO,  the company goes the extra mile to reach a level of synergy and trust never experienced before, and this is where our innovation begins.

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